Crazy About Curves Technique

Crazy about Curves is a quilting technique I developed by trial and error over a period of several years. Originally I dubbed this technique "Mosaic Appliqué", but changed the name because it didn’t adequately describe this fast method of constructing creative and free-flowing curves! Crazy about Curves is a combination piecing/appliqué method of constructing even the sharpest curves and narrowest points within a quilt design with total ease and precision. This technique is especially appealing to those who love the grace and beauty of curved designs but feel these projects are too difficult to construct with conventional methods.

A unique feature of Crazy about Curves is that all work is done on the surface of the project, to include stitching. This allows the quilter to see the progression of her/his work at all times, avoiding mistakes and making correct fabric choices. If any adjustments are necessary, they can be made before sewing. All the fabric templates are prepared on the right side of the material. Perhaps you wish to single out a particular design in a fabric pattern, maybe a butterfly or a special leaf, and incorporate that into your quilt. You can lay the template exactly where you want it on the right side of the material for perfect results. And with my method, there is no measuring of any seam allowances! Just "eyeball" the appropriate amount of allowance needed for each template.

The second advantage is the incredible ease of constructing difficult curves. I love curves in quilting and this is the easiest way I've found to make them! Crazy About Curves, an alternative technique to reverse appliqué and conventional piecing, is a fast and simple method for achieving the grace and beauty of curves in your design but it gives the outward appearance of an intricately pieced quilt.

The principles of my Crazy about Curves are simple and easy to understand. While curved quilt designs may appear to be daunting and too intricate to tackle, this method of achieving its completion is simple. Even the most technically inexperienced quilters can create beautiful projects with no difficulty. I know this is true because I have taught workshop students who have no confidence in their sewing abilities. They master this technique in no time and leave the workshop not only thrilled with their created project, but inspired by their own success.

While this method is wonderful for those who enjoy making innovative quilts, it has many other applications: traditional, pictorial, wearable art, table runners, etc. can be constructed all or in part by this technique.

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