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  • Hearing what your quilts mean and how you interpret your life experiences through your quilts help us ‘see’ more possibilities through the medium. I personally found your new book inspiring. I know sharing things that intimate are scary, but you just reach out and connect on such a deep level. Thank you for taking the risk. Dr. Dee Fabry

  • I sat down and read Nurturing Your Creative Spirit all in one sitting and this morning I typed up my notes on the many ideas and themes that I found so helpful. I am about to head home and get started on a quilt that's been formulating in my mind for some time now, and your suggestion to leave realism at the door and embrace pure imagination has provided a great deal of inspiration. Julie Moberly

  • I was so inspired by your new book. Will read it again soon as I will have time. Plan to read it, putting more time into actually thinking and interacting with it this next time. It is something that I will be reading regularly for inspiration. Thanks for writing it. I listened to your interview with Leslie Riley and it was like sitting and talking with you. So enjoyable. Jan Roys

  • Vikki Pignatelli is a woman of many talents: an award-winning art quilter, a teacher, an author, a designer, the founder of the national Sacred Threads Quilt Exhbitions. Her warm writing style is like listening to a good friend who is open and honest and unafraid to share her personal journey. Her introspection and insights are humbling and inspiring, and her hope is that you see yourself in her struggles and triumphs and recognize and nurture your own artistic journey. She states her purpose "is to motivate, encourage and strengthen the creativity and self-confidence within each individual," and this book, written from the heart of an artist, does just that, regardless what your artistic medium. Read more from Gloria Hansen's blog:

  • "A braver and more self-revelatory book I have never read. It represents one brave and beautiful soul reaching out and touching hundreds/thousands of others. Courage, wisdom and love - that is what I see winding through every sentence of your book. The message(s) your book brings to others, you first learned yourself. You experienced it on all levels -emotionally, cognitively and, most importantly, spiritually. As an experienced therapist, I find your book delightfully nontechnical and straightforward. The "voice" in which you wrote, Vikki, has behind it the authority of your experience but it gently encourages and inspires the reader. It does not inform them. There is a beauty and a grace in the way you have integrated your soul's work and your earthly path. Your book is proof of that." Mary Schaeffer

  • "I am embarrassed that I haven't written to you sooner about your wonderful book. I have learned so much from your inspirational words, especially about myself and the barriers I've allowed to stifle my creativity. I identify with so many of your examples and am working hard to overcome them. Thank you so much for openly sharing the bumps in your personal road and how you turned them into positive outcomes.  I have many technique books in my library, including both of yours, but this book is completely different and one that I will re-read regularly."  Mary Beth Donovan

  • "I got my book yesterday and I LOVE it!  I skipped around and read quite a bit of it last night until I couldn't keep my eyes open.  I happen to think my finding your new book and you teaching reasonably close to where I live is synchronicity! Thank you again for your words of encouragement."  Linda Love

  • "Instructive, Insightful, Inspiring!"   Judie Brenneman

  • "Her newest book not only shows many of her best-known pieces, but talks at length about their inspirations and themes. It's a rare chance to get inside the head of one of today's most interesting quilters." Cindy Brick(Oct 23, 2012) Please check Cindy's blog at:

  • "Can't put it down."   Mary Frances Lawver

  • "Beautiful, inspiring and sensitive. Congratulations on another hit."  Maureen Bickham

  • "I received your book on Friday and have fallen in love with it.  The book truly shows your heart and soul, and gives my spirit refreshment.  Thank you for sharing something very personal!"   Denise Waibel-Rycek

  • I love quilt books!  When I'm feeling uninspired or directionless, I find that browsing through some of the books on my shelf can almost always get me back on track.  Most of my favorites are image collections, pictures of quilts by artists I love---because I am always motivated to "join the conversation" when I see one of my favorites.  Last week, though, I found a new book that I have put on the top of the pile, Vikki Pignatelli's "Nurture Your Creative Spirit". Marie Spadero. Read more of Marie's review on her blog.

  • I just spent the last two hours perusing your new book. It is the BEST of the BEST!!! My heart and creative spirit are buzzing with possibilities. THANK YOU soooooo much for sharing your wisdom and insights. I guarantee that in the next three months it will be dog-eared, worn, with tons of notes. You are wise to supply pages for notes. However, I will even use margins all around the other pages too. Actually there are already many underlines and notes in the book. I like the questions you have included too. You have awakened a drowsy spirit and my wings are ready to fly. Stephania Bommarito

Book Review

Machine Quilting Unlimited eNews - October 2012

  • "Vikki Pignatelli is an award-winning art quilter and the founder of the Sacred Threads Quilt Exhibitions. Vikki's latest book, Nurture Your Creative Spirit, Wisdom and Insight Learned Through the Art of Quilting, is a recap of the personal stories and symbolism behind her quilts. Focusing on creativity triggers such as determination, persistence, keeping a sense of humor, having faith in yourself, patience, courage and curiosity, she shares a personal journey through her work. Vikki's husband Denny's diagnosis of kidney cancer was a catalyst for this direction in her work, and she reveals the need for a good support system while increasing your self-awareness and understanding your art. Available from "