Blacklick Pond Reflections at Twilight

My home is near Blacklick Woods, one of the beautiful metro parks surrounding the city of Columbus, Ohio. I often retreat into the woods to enjoy and draw upon the peace and solitude that enhances creativity. Within the park is a quiet secluded pond that is the inspiration for Blacklick Pond-Reflections at Twilight. This quilt represents summer--a busy vibrant season teeming with life. In summer the pond flourishes with raucous gleeful song and lush colors.

I believe we mortals also go through seasonal passages. In the summer of our lives we are as the season--busily occupied, happy and optimistic. I have tried to portray those moods. There is more in life than we can know or see, thus the continuance of the quilt after the black borders. The uneven sides represent detours in life's journey we all must face.

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Vikki Pignatelli 2021.

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